We have an amazing selection of materials to build a custom cabinet solution for any need.  No matter what room of the house, we can help fit cabinets to your taste and budget.


Cabinet Materials Available

Cabinets and drawers can be made out of a wide variety of materials.  Natural and man-made materials all offer a unique look, feel, and function.  It would be best to have us help you choose the best match for you needs. Below you will find information about just some of the options you have.


Particle Board

Particle board is a man made material constructed of bonded sawdust and wood ships .  While not the most appealing of materials, it helps keep costs down to have cabinet boxes, shelves, and drawers lined with particle board.  The outside is then lined with wood or laminate veneer.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

MDF is created with wood fibers that are mixed with adhesive and compressed to make a dense material that has nice weight and texture.  It is commonly used to construct cabinet boxes, doors, and shelves and then lined with laminate or veneer. This is in large part due to MDF not having any grain to stain.  MDF is a great man-made material and is stronger than particle board.



A great man-made alternative to particle board and MDF is plywood.  It is made by layering many thing pieces of wood veneer.  Each layer alternates grain direction so that the end product is strong and durable.  Plywood is more expensive than other man-made materials and is commonly used in cabinet construction.



If you are looking for a modern and industrial look, metal cabinets are a great choice.  Often the cabinets themselves will be made of wood but have metal doors to give a nice stainless steel appearance.  Among the benefits of metal cabinets is the water resistant nature and ease of cleaning.


Natural Wood

The most sought after cabinets are made of natural wood.  There is a great variety of wood types available and each have their own unique qualities, benefits, and appearances.  Each wood species offers different levels of dent and scratch resistance, stain and finish possibilities, and price points.  Give us a call or stop by and let us find the best option for your needs an budget.  You wont have any trouble finding something perfect for your project.


Framed vs. Frameless Cabinets

We have an amazing selection of materials to build a custom cabinet solution for any need.  No matter what room of the house, we can help fit cabinets to your taste and budget.


Framed Cabinets

Framed cabinets have added structure and support.  It is a small frame that you can think of like a picture frame that goes on the front of the cabinet.  This creates a sturdier cabinet and provides options for mounting doors and provides a unique look and appearance.


Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets has a more open appearance when the cabinet door is open.  The door is attached with a hinge mounted directly to the inside of the box.  This is more of a European design that offers a contemporary look and feel that is gaining in popularity.


Door Overlays

There are a few ways a cabinet doors can be attached to cabinets. All of them have their benefits and restrictions in appearance and function.


Partial Overlay

This type of overlay is only available for framed construction cabinets.  Partial overlay refers to the doors covering the opening of the cabinet and then only some of the cabinet face.  This option give depth to the cabinet’s face.


Full Overlay

Full overlay means that the cabinet door covers the entire cabinet.  All frameless construction cabinets require a fully overlaying door however, you can also have full overlay with framed cabinets.  With this style the doors fit closely together and give a seamless and flush appearance.


Inset Doors

This style requires a framed construction cabinet.  The face of the door and cabinet are made to be flush by mounting the door on the inside of the frame.  This gives the seamless feel of full overlay doors with the depth in appearance of partial overlay.